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Buy you gear at Mr. Fertilizer!

Welcome to Mr. Fertilizer. For over 30 years, we’ve specialized in indoor gardening, including — but certainly not limited to — growing hydroponically!

People often ask us, “How can you have so many products for such a small store??” And it’s true. We don’t have the largest, or prettiest, storefront (or web site at this point) out there, but we can keep prices low. Besides, we still pack in a whole lot of gear! From foods, growing media, and all the equipment you need to “play god” and tune your environment, we’ve got it. And if we don’t, we can probably get it.

We love quality, we love local!

Here’s just a quick overview of what we offer…


  • Liquid & powder base nutrients
  • Conventional & organic
  • Supplements
  • Many top and regional/local brands

Grow Gear:

  • Tents
  • Lights
  • Pots – plastic & fabric, small to big
  • Grow media – peat, coco, rockwool, clay pellets
  • Irrigation Equipment, pieces and tubing
  • Fans: axials, boosters, centrifugals, pedestal, wall mounts, and floors
  • Ducting, including sheet metal HVAC and flex duct

Outfit your room with poly sheeting. Add some flashy Flash Gro II super-reflective material. Or save some work and use a sweet Mammoth grow tent instead.

Propagating clones or seedlings? No problem:

  • T5 Lighting
  • Insert trays, flats, domes
  • Cloning gel
  • Need seeds? Many varieties of vegetables suitable for indoor growing. Tomatoes, lettuce, arugula, and much more!

And of course, bulbs, ballasts, reflectors, air & water pumps, humidifiers, sprayers…on and on it goes!

So,  come on in and do your part to “help keep BC green”.

 Oh, and did we mention we carry used gear too? Come get it!

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  • BlueSky Organics marijuana food

    BlueSky Organics marijuana food